Missing main landmark

Compliance Data & User Impact

User Impact: Major

60% Complete

Disabilities Affected:

  • blindness
  • deafblindness

WCAG Version:

WCAG Levels:

  • A

WCAG Guidelines:

Solution Techniques:

Automated Test Accuracy:

Check1st Severity:

DRRSAG Designations:

  • general

How to Fix the Problem

Identify the main content in the document. If possible use the HTML <main> element for this content. Otherwise add the attribute role="main" to the corresponding element.

The Algorithm, in Simple Terms

Engine scans the webpage for a <main> element or an element with the attribute role="main".

Why Is it Important?

Landmark roles (or “landmarks”) programmatically identify sections of a page. Landmarks help assistive technology (AT) users orient themselves to a page and help them navigate easily to various sections of a page.
They also provide an easy way for users of assistive technology to skip over blocks of content.

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