Group of radio buttons missing fieldset

Compliance Data & User Impact

User Impact: Minor

40% Complete

Disabilities Affected:

  • blindness
  • deafblindness
  • motor disabillities

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WCAG Levels:

  • A

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DRRSAG Designations:

  • relationship

How to Fix the Problem

A set of radio buttons should be grouped together semantically by enclosing them within the fieldset element. The default visual effect of fieldset and legend elements can be modified in CSS by overriding the “border” property of the fieldset and the “position” property of the legend.

The Algorithm, in Simple Terms

Engine scans forms containing multiple <input type=radio> elements with the same name attribute and not contained in a fieldset element

Why Is it Important?

A set of related controls should be grouped together semantically to facilitate being treated as a single control, as well as to provide an additional group level description.

This element perfoms as a container, and has no functionality. This container may contain another elements that has functionality or logical role.

Ignore this issue if this element has an alternative that performs the same and overrides the content of this element.

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