Summary should not duplicate caption

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How to Fix the Problem

Use the caption element as a table heading and the summary attribute to describe the table’s organization or to explain how to use the table.

The Algorithm, in Simple Terms

If both, the summary attribute and caption element are present for the data table, then check that the summary text does not duplicate the caption text.

Why Is it Important?

The caption for a table is a table identifier that acts like a title or heading for the table. The summary attribute provides a brief overview or explanation of the table.
Therefore they cannot contain the same text.

Code Example

<table summary="Intersections are listed in row 1.

Find the intersection closest to your starting point

or destination, then read down that column to find

out what time the bus leaves that intersection.

Service begins at 4:00 AM and ends at midnight.">

<caption>Route 7 Downtown (Weekdays)</caption>


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