Missing keyboard focus event

Compliance Data & User Impact

User Impact: Major

60% Complete

Disabilities Affected:

  • blindness
  • deaf blindness
  • users that uses only the keyboard due to motor disability

WCAG Version:

WCAG Levels:

  • A

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DRRSAG Designations:

  • action

How to Fix the Problem

Add a keyboard event listener to the element (focus or focusin) which will trigger the same functionality as the mouse event.

The Algorithm, in Simple Terms

Engine scans for elements having a mouseenter event, but no corresponding keyboard event (focus or focusin).

Why Is it Important?

Using both keyboard-specific and mouse-specific events together ensures that content can be operated by a wide range of devices. For example, a script may perform the same action when a focus is detected that is performed when the mouse pointer enters the element.

Code Example

<a href="menu.php" onmouseover="swapImageOn('menu')" onfocus="swapImageOn('menu')" 
onmouseout="swapImageOff('menu')" onblur="swapImageOff('menu')">


Access Example

Ignore this issue if this element is part of a list of similar elements or a container of a list such as: select, autocomplete field widget, the table inside a date picker widget, a tab in a tab control widget).

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